Segregation In Gatsby

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Jay Gatsby, the apparent symbol of the failed American dream. Yes, he is fictional, but stands for all things wrong with the so-called “American Dream”. Despite his wealth, lavish house, and expensive car, he was never ‘good-enough’. Even though he rose from poverty through tireless work, he was never seen as an equal to the old-money East Eggers. This is similar to how American society puts down certain individuals based on gender, race, or social standing. While theoretically anyone can achieve the American dream, actual realties about an individuals upbringing make it difficult for anyone to achieve. To begin, stratification plays an important role in determining success. Those who start in a high strata (upper-class, upper-middle-class),…show more content…
Most often, this negatively affects minorities living in the inner cities. Segregation of neighborhoods has been an issue since slavery in the US. African Americans were allocated to these low SES neighborhoods. As a result, these areas have become isolated, and thus excluded from mainstream American society. These redlined areas crated neighborhoods clustered together, or centralized away from other parts of the city. Not only have African Americans been segregated, but also immigrants (although not necessarily by law). Even through America is based on immigration, there has always been a fear the new comers will steal jobs and destroy American values. As a result, everyone from the Irish to the Italians to the Chinese have faced detrimental stereotypes, and thus set up certain enclaves where they can share their culture. In both instances, these communities have created their own subculture, complete with unique linguistics and cultural capital. This further isolates and excludes residents from mainstream society. Additionally, there is a lack of quality education, healthcare, food, or programs for the disadvantaged. Most businesses do not want to be located in these poor neighborhoods, and thus residents must find transportation to the suburbs to seek any jobs or helpful services, a luxury many cannot afford. Since there is a lack of emphasis on the lower stratus cultural capacity, there is an ingrained feeling alienation and systematic removal from
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