Seeing the Light

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Many times people do not see what exactly light is. People overlook the actual definition of light: the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. Without light things would not show an appearance to us. Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Light is detected by the human eye; therefore we overlook the science behind light.
The electromagnetic spectrum is what ranges from radio waves to gamma rays. It is also what shows the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Parts of the spectrum include: Gamma rays, x-rays, infrared, and ultraviolet light. a wide range of wavelengths and photon energies is found by the electromagnetic spectrum. Everything that a human eye can “see” must have a wavelength about the same size as or smaller than the object. The wavelengths are what are viewed on the spectrum. From the human eye we use the visible spectrum which is a very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The smallest atom is the hydrogen atom which contains only one electron. Different waves inside of an atom describe where the electron is most likely to be found inside of the atom. The more waves, the more electrons that is located in the atom. Wave functions depend on the amount of energy of the atom. Electrons inside of an atom can range from a close to far distance from the nucleus. Normally we find the electron to be close to the nucleus. The distance of the electron from the nucleus depends on the amount of energy. Since all electrons are found around the nucleus energy is still quantized. The closer the electron is o the nucleus the lower the potential energy. Therefore there is a higher amount of potential energy when the electron is near the nucleus. Potential energy is t...

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...depends on the amount of valence electrons that the atom has. Each will have different chemical properties. A noble gas atom will not react at all, and be chemically stable. A halogen atom (an atom with an electron missing), or alkaline metals will be very reactive unlike noble gases and will tend to form strong ionic bonds with other atoms. They will contain very high fusion points when the two atoms are combined with each other. The arrangement of electrons the way the atom will form chemical bonds.
Overall we are able to understand that all rolls of chemistry play a huge factor because in the long run many of them relate to each other. Even though we think that we understand what light is, after defining “light” and taking a closer look we can notice that it contains many smaller parts that link the reactions and behaviors of the electron inside of an element.
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