Seeing a Homicide Changed My life: Student Journal

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I was born in a place call Chicago where everybody is moving all the time. Chicago can offer you a lot of opportunities, but unfortunately death is one of those opportunities. With guns, drugs, and gangs surrounding the city I experience the most intense situation of my life. It was a life changer that woke me up, and force me to realize that anything can happen to anyone at any time and no one is untouchable. It's a memory that will forever be a part of me no matter how hard I try to forget it. It was 2008 I was thirteen years old, I lived on the East side of Chicago on eighty fourth in Kingston. It was a nice neighborhood with clean street, nice built homes, quite in the morning, and trees that's full of life. With that being said, around when the sun go down and the moon become clear my neighborhood created a name for its self known as the Devil hallway. The name came from a police officer that was interview about the neighborhood, but other people called it that, because in one week three people got killed and a child became missing. With all of the crazy stuff that goe...

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