Security in peer to peer networks

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Thesis statement: Users of Peer to Peer networks must be aware of the security and how to deal with the attacks.


Technologies are getting more advance each day, in this assignment will be sharing and discuss about the security in peer to peer networks. Security run an important role in every network applications because this is the place where people and the systems are all link up together and can access each other data and also programs. According to Madron (1992) points out that:
One of the primary objectives of computer networks (and especially of local area networks) is to provide easy and convenient access to computer systems within an organizations, and it is that same ease of use that can sometimes conflict with security needs. (p.3)
This being the case most of the peer to peer networks can remote the systems to access the nodes in the peer to peer network and programs are often transferred in the systems in remote locations and also because of the usefulness of the networking it really attracts people all around to use and at the same time problems of security happens. So it is crucial for the users to ensure their security in the networking. The problems usually started from modification of messages in transit, denial of services attacks and interception of messages, “perhaps the most obvious active threat faced by a communication system is an attack that can destroy or delay most or all messages” (Madron, 1992, p.63). In order to secure the systems of peer to peer network there is three basics requirements of security, integrity and authentication, it seems evident that “Data integrity ensures that data have not been altered or destroyed in an unauthorized manner. Both data integrity and authentication rely heavily on encryption as a primary security mechanism” ( Madron, 1992, p.71). For this security the operating system level and application level is used. As to ensure the security for every users, the helps support security needs to be posted to the peer to peer network and also to be specified.

Peer to peer (P2P) file sharing networks have become wildly popular. The first major file-sharing network example was NASPSTER, which designed to allow music fans to share MP3 music files and so on. P2P actually is all about sharing resources like files, storage or processing time, with ev...

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...In the end, the use of technology is probably the only way we can secure information. The investment in information that individuals and organizations have made, are making, and will make in the future is enormous, however, and security systems aid us in protecting that investment.” (p.235). Aware of the security and protection.


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