Security Sector Reform in Egypt and Liberia

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Both Egypt and Liberia have been struggling to improve their security sector reform. In Egypt they have been facing a revolution since 2011. It started when President Hosni Mubarak's security and police were harsh and merciless toward the people and because of his security divisions that weren’t doing their jobs correctly. Liberia revolution on the other hand is being lead by Charles Taylor who is head of Liberia and who was kind of their unelected president at the time but is now elected as their current president. He is responsible for the different rebel groups throughout Liberia and also for the backing the Revolutionary United front. This is just the start of these two countries efforts toward security sector reform. In order for security sector reform to contribute to national and sustainable peace they need to know how to separate military from police forces and make sure that it is successful in sustaining peace, whether they are post war or politically transitioning, and the challenges that they will face and the conditions that will help the transition take place.

I believe that to get sustainable peace through security sector reform in Egypt and Liberia the government needs to separate the military and police forces. I feel that to help with the separation the police forces need the proper training, so the police can become a role model not a figure of fear and control. “Conduct a comprehensive review of Police academy training curricula and systems.” (Ashour) is one of his big point that he makes in his article about Egypt’s security sector reform. He goes on to say, “The review should focus on de-militarization of the police, as well as on altering training materials to reflect concepts of human security (as opposed to state security) and police functions as a “service” to society.” (Ashour)This is precisely what I think needs to happen to be successful in reforming. And the same goes for Liberia as well. They need to get the proper training for their police and keep the military where they belong as well. They should be two separate jobs.

Obviously, Egypt and Liberia have recently been going through security sector reform. In Ashour article he also says they need to, “Establish proper oversight and monitoring of the security sector.” and “Provide the Central Security Forces with comprehensive training in non-lethal riot control tactics.” Both of these points, along with the first one, are great at explaining what need to happen to separate the military and police.
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