Security Sector Reform and a Sustainable Peace

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The world we all live in has been going through war and revolt since man was first on the planet. Man has always wanted a certain individuality in their lives. People don’t want to be ruled over or made to make decisions they want to do what they think is right. One of the main problems with this is that not everyone wants the same thing. Because everyone wants different things countries revolt and have wars, which in turn destroys what innocent people wanted which is just to live and be happy. The many countries that this has happened to still are broken and can’t do anything to fix what use to be a nation. Most countries that have revolted and have been in war are stilled crippled even after they are done. Security sector reform is a needed inconvenience for countries to survive after a war or revolt. In the following essay I will talk about how i best think SSR will best help transition countries, two countries that have started the transition in the past thirty years, the impact on the reform or absence of reform, discussing whether SSR in post-war countries differs from countries in political transition, and finally identify challenges in SSR and conditions that allow it to be successful. The first point of emphasis of this essay is my argument on how to reform security sectors within societies in transition. From the knowledge i have gotten from reading articles and reports i have many ideas on how to best reform a security sector of a broken nation. My first plan is to transitional the military of the country into a non-hostile peace keeping force. This military must not be allowed to convert back to a hostile or rebel militia fit on doing whatever they want. This is shown in a digital document I read, it states, “The co... ... middle of paper ... ...the writing was happening. Doug Brooks, “Security Sector Reform in Iraq: Enhancing the Role of the Private Sector.” 25 Apr. 2007. PDF file. In this Article it helped explain the Security Sector Reform on going in the nation of Iraq. It explained what the country went through and how it is trying to heal itself after the war. Lenka Filípková, and Jan Kuzvart. “Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Libya.” Sept. 2013. PDF file. This article helped me explain a key part of my essay by showing the main reforms of the country after the Gaddafi regime ruled the country. Caroline A. Hartzell, “Missed Opportunities.” Apr. 2011. PDF file. This file allowed me to see many times where the U.S. government could have aided in reforming the security sectors of Afghanistan. It also showed me many times when the U.S. did help the plan was either cut or just didn’t work as intended to.
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