Security Sector Reform: Bringing Peace to a Battered World

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Fire and blood fill the streets as chaos utterly consumes our world. Rebellion and treachery lead to numerous unnecessary deaths. Many citizens of our societies have fallen into the hands of a great evil, so many of them in perilous situations, yet they continue on, blind to the looming threat of destruction. Panic and terror are created and brought down by tyrants and people who have their own individual sense of peace, and they believe that only they can bring about such tranquility. Yet, with their corrupted views, all their futile attempts lead to only more pandemonium and disarray when their massive military forces rain terror down on innocent civilians and bystanders. In the belief of cooperation and civilized actions, we should be able to coordinate our efforts to stop this despotism and bring about a tremendous change and exuberant amity. I believe that the best way to rid many countries of having difficulties controlling their militia and keeping peace would be to evoke and account for every military personal. Rebellious soldiers are often-time the foremost cause that many countries are askew in their independent societies. Either removing the governmental leaders or the soldiers would cause a great deal of relief or then the country could begin to rebuild its economy. If you were to empty the towns and lands of any soldiers and began to discipline them and order them into a more organized and composed unity, then you could later use their might to calm other complications. The RUSI also spoke of how political issues can cause violent problems. Dr Knox Chitiyo stated, “…the suffering that was inflicted on the victims was a state-sponsored political violence…” Although, you cannot have peace and strength without a j... ... middle of paper ... ...n… This in turn presents a number of challenges to security-sector reform… resource manipulation, proliferation of weapons, contested peace, the structured sources of violence in conflict zones, and the diversity of local historical and cultural traditions.” • Katzman, Kenneth - Author “…Outside assessments of the effort to stabilize Afghanistan are increasingly negative, to the point where some… say they are not sure the effort is “winning.” • McNerney, Michael J. – Author Michael McNerney stated, “Conflict and a lack of good governance breed organized crime and extremism, which are key enablers of terrorism… [in] “ungoverned spaces”—regions within a country where the rule of law is weak…”

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