Security Management at The Tower

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My report will be discussing and analyzing the security management at the tower. In the first part, I will give a brief about cyber security at the tower and outline its competencies. In the second part, I will discuss and analyze security management at the tower and finally I will add solutions, recommendation and end my report with conclusion and references.

In the past twenty years, almost all businesses have become more dependent on information security. The use of computer networks has also increased, not only within businesses but also between them, and between local businesses and international business in all over the world. The growing complexity of IT infrastructure means that businesses are now more vulnerable to technical failures, human faults, misuse, hackers and computer malware. This increasing complexity needs a consolidated management approach. Also, Security Management has an important relation with business activities. The main aim of security management is to supply a basic level of security, independent of external requirements security management is important to preserve the uninterrupted operation of the IT companies. Moreover, it expands Information Security Service Level Management, as it is hard to manage a great number of different SLAs than a limited number. Nowadays, many corporates deal with Information Security at the strategic level in information policy and information plans, and at the operational level by buying material and other security tools. Information Security is not a target in itself; it aims to help the interests of the business or corporates. Also, Information Security must be suitable to the needs of the information.
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...e needs and other stuff.
6- Risks such as asset, threat, vulnerability and combinations.
7- Action preference for any risk.
8- Suggested controls from the risk assessment” [2].
According to the case study, I have seen that there was no security plan at all. This thing increased the risk to the highest level. Also the IT directors and the IT staff should carry all responsibilities about all Vulnerabilities happened to the system.
This is my fourth case study and I hope you like it.
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