Security Management Case Study

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Ethical behavior is necessary at all levels of an organization in order for the organization to be healthy and prosper. This is no less true of the security manager, who is responsible for safeguarding operations vital to the company mission. The role in security management has increased greatly in the last few years; chiefly as the result of globalization, dual resourcing, cyber attacks and the threat to industry from terrorism. The risk to organizations have grown and security professionals now find themselves more than ever in charge of “physical property, personnel safety and system assets” (Moussa, 2007, para. 3). Additionally, ethical businesses can promote an altruistic attitude in which the scope focuses not just on earnings but recognizing rather how the organization can benefit the greater good of society. This is a departure from how businesses have operated in the past. Organizations have come a long way since the early part of the industrial revolution when labor forces were dismissed as a commodity rather than…show more content…
Following the fire, it was learned that employees were trapped because stacked sewing machines had blocked fire exits and an opening through the roof was locked to prevent access from robbers. Public sentiment for the victims, many of whom were immigrants, and the social activism which followed effectively illustrated how companies were exploiting the labor force for a better return on the investment. The Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire is one example of how a combination of how public activism and government intervention reformed perception of how employees should be treated. Taken from this tragic incident is that responsible businesses apply ethical principles of respect and fairness when providing safety for
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