Security Guidelines For Network Security

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Network Security Guidelines The availability of the network in a reliable way may be compromised when there are no security policies and guidelines to protect the network. An appropriate network security policy would take into considerations and assess the various risks that are likely to compromise a network. After this assessment, there is a need for formulation of proper measures that are directed at the implementation of the practices that are aimed at monitoring and at the management of the network to curb security violation. In addition, there is a need for considering the remote network users. A remote network access policy would define appropriate standards to be applied in connecting to the company’s network while outlining the security standards that devices attempting to connect to the network would follow for successful connectivity. This paper outlines the various network security guidelines that are secure both for the users within an organization and for remote users as well while maintaining a high degree of reliability. Security in Network Management Network management processes that have the backing of senior management are paramount in ensuring that the organization develops security for its network. The management needs to play a great role and incorporate security guidance into their network. The network security guidelines provided here should govern how the network should operate in the area of security, how the network would be developed to maintain security, how security is organized to support upcoming needs, and how the network will comply with the operational and regulatory security needs (Gupta, Chandrashekhar, Sabnis, & Bastry, 2007). Remote Access Guidelines ... ... middle of paper ... ...e user’s devices while they use the internet. Moreover, such policies and guidelines would offer credible protection from unauthorized connections that may compromise the resources of the company. On the other hand, the password policy and guidelines are meant to help maintain security of the organization’s network as well as protecting the various computers in the network with an aim of safeguarding the resources of an organization. Strong passwords are necessary to make this possible. To cater for the remote users, the remote access guidelines are drafted and they define the appropriate standards that are appropriate for the access of computer network in an organization and the associated security standards for the remote computers that are privileged to access the network of the organization. All these aim at balancing the access and the security of the network.
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