Security Council Essay

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The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization that was established to enhance international co-operation. One of its key principal organs is the Security Council that is mainly concerned with decisions and resolutions for peace and security. It is charged with maintaining peace and security among countries and has the power to make biding decisions that member states have agreed to carry out under the terms of charter article 25. The Security Council is made up of 15 member states; consisting 5 permanent members and 10 non members. It is only the permanent members who have the veto powers over UN resolutions. Australia, a temporally member, was elected to serve a two year term in the UN Security Council from 2013. Its election seemed to indicate a new era of international influence. Currently Australia is serving its two year term in the UN Security Council. Its performance in that position can be evaluated from their past actions in the past one year they have been in power. From my point of view Australia has not proven to be ill-equipped in making contributions in the UN Security Council. In the past one year Australia and other Security Council members have had several issues to deal with especially the recent crisis in Egypt, Ukraine and Syria just to name a few. Australia’s experience during its first year on the Security Council can be considered to prove that it is not actually ill-equipped and that it is acting in means aimed at achieving the aims of the UN Charter. Australia in the United Security Council has shown in its commitments in enhancing the adherence of the international law to ensure there is no conflict and ensuring peace is maintained. This is evident from its continued support for the Internation... ... middle of paper ... laws to implement United Nations Security Council sanction policies. It has also held in building UN’s capacity to control terrorism in all ways in line to the Charter. The Australian government has identified key elements to deal with international terrorism. It has advocated for multilateral and regional engagement where issues relevant to maintaining security are addressed. All the same it has also been noted that Australia has a small weakness in its current position in the Security Council in that it has been used as a puppet by certain member nation especially in making security decisions. Compared to its other roles it has played in the Security Council that is just small loophole that should be closed. From the above illustrations, it is evident that Australia has all capabilities to meet the objectives of the UN Security Council in line with the Charter.
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