Security And Security: The Concepts Of Security

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Wrapped up in a blanket in the warm comfort of your own home, sitting by the fireplace drinking hot coco. Have you ever felt so secure before, like nothing bad could ever happen to you and the world was at peace. Many people have felt like this before in their life, felt secure, felt safe and that nothing could hurt them. The definition of security is this, “the state of being free from danger or threat”. Never has there ever been a time where anyone has ever been 100% safe and secure. This idea of safety and security is a lie we tell ourselves to make us feel better. As one reads Little Brother, it is quite evident through Marcus journey that this idea is solid and won 't change. As man grows and evolves, the illusion of security will grow…show more content…
Marcus says, “The important thing about security systems isn’t how they work, it’s how they fail.” This quote points directly at the illusion of passwords and locks. People all across the globe, install antivirus, place locks on their bikes, and even put money in banks to keep it safe. All of these people took detailed precautions to keep their things and themselves safe, yet most everyone has gotten a virus, gotten something stolen and had problems with their bank. Nothing is perfect and there will never exist something that is absolutely perfect. The deep problem is rooted in the fact that people are selfish and need themselves and their things protected and are willing to make sacrifices to make sure that happens. Marcus talks to his father about how the government is crushing the whole point of living for the idea of security, he says, “This sounds like you’re saying that national security is more important than the Constitution.” In a recent CNBC article, they were talking about the Apple vs FBI case. This case brought to question the line of freedom and security. A perfect example on this topic. Apple did not give the FBI the password software because it would cripple the password fabric of americans. The government wants its people to feel secure and they will go to every length to make sure its citizens feel safe and warm but each step toward safety is two steps back in terms…show more content…
Until recently, video cameras were not a common occurrence for the average person, any footage we have of 9/11 is on a news camera or a very mediocre personal camera. Almost everyone has a smartphone now in this day and age and recording video is one tap away. Privacy no longer exists and anything you do can and will be posted on to the internet. According to Heimdal Security, “more than 1.6 billion social network users worldwide with more than 64% of internet users accessing social media services online.” The social media world is growing everyday and a single video can be shared around the world in a single second. Marcus knows that everyone is watching him and that he can 't go anywhere without eyes always glared at him, Marcus says, “The law didn’t care if you were actually doing anything bad; they were willing to put you under the microscope just for being statistically abnormal.” The government was judging him by his movements and behaviours. They had a constant eye on him and he was never really alone. In today 's world, no one is ever alone. Phones and computers have made all lives a public affair and no one can say or act in private. This shines through with Marcus and his computer, he can hack anyone and see any message or camera he wants. He can take something that you thought was private and make it public. Never has
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