Securing and Protecting Information

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When it comes to information security for organizations or companies, the data within the systems has to be considered safe. Keeping data safe for companies and organizations is a high priority. The information this data could hold could be hazardous if the wrong person gets a hold of it. Companies will have systems with strong security implemented to prevent anything from happening. Companies and organizations will need to determine security options for any new systems that are built. Security is a high priority for companies and organizations to keep important data safe. The companies and organizations would also have to figure out ways to save or backup any information in the systems. Backing up information for companies and organizations are very important. Backing up information can help safe the companies if any data is lost, and the companies would be able to recover the data that was lost.


Security consideration features for information systems will vary for the type of information held, but the basic features will hold the information securely. The major security features for the company systems will include a login using a user ID and password, user authorization, and priority access. The security features would also use the four access control models of Identification, Authentication, Authorization, and Accountability. The access control would use the mandatory access control (MAC), which is a structured and coordinated within a data scheme that rates the information collection and the users (Whiteman & Mattord, "Ch 6: Security Management Models," 2010). With the priority access, user authorization, and the user ID and password, the supervisor can authorize the correct access and rights to the employees. These features would prevent any employees who do not have access to the system from entering. The priority access will allow the employees to
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