Secure Shell Research Paper

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SSH stands for Secure Shell. It is a protocol used in execution of secure remote login and associated programs. By using SSH we can securely move files from one location to another either on secure network or insecure network such as Internet.
Functionality of SSH is quietly similar in comparison to telnet and rlogin. For connecting to a remote machine running over a SSH server we use SSH to access our applications and data. Some primary advantages of using SSH are as follows:
1. We can authenticate the remote machine by using SSH which cannot be possible by telnet and rlogin.
2. We can use encryption method for securing the passwords by using SSH.
3. We can also send and receive the data in the encrypted form by using SSH.
Some disadvantages of using SSH are as follows:
1. By using encryption and decryption method, it consumes a lot of computing and time that elapses in it.
2. SSH can create a false alarm situation in case of legitimate reinstallation of remote system and the installer is not aware for using the exact authentication keys for the host.
3. SSH is vulnerable to the man in the middle attack by unauthenticated users.
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This protocol provides a secure channel between two machines located at different locations. It is used for the protection of transit data and also recognising the communication machine. Basically SSL provides security for web based applications like internet banking. For providing end-to-end secure service over TCP, we use SSL.
SSL is basically divided into two layers of protocol. Bottom layer is SSL record protocol which is used by HTTP protocol. SSL record protocol provides confidentiality (by using encryption) and message integrity (by using message authentication ...

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...te the commands across any type of network, while SSL is used for securely transmitting the critical information such as credit card or net banking transactions. SSH is more concerned about Network Tunneling whereas SSL concerns security certificates.
Conclusion: As SSH and SSL are entirely different protocols and used for different purposes. It is very difficult to say which one is best among one another. If we compare SSH to Telnet, it is easy to say that SSH is much better than the telnet because SSH uses encryption and decryption feature for the security prospects.
Likewise comparison between HTTPS (SSL via HTTP) and simply HTTP is feasible. In this case HTTPS uses secure socket layer protocol to access secured webpages with necessary security certificates. On the other hand we use HTTP to simply browse webpages which are often vulnerable to any kind of threats.
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