Secularism And Perspectival Secularism: Contro To Religion

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Professor of National University of Singapore TEN CHIN LIEW has classified the above secularism in two ways. First is perspectival secularism and second state secularism respectively. In his word “perspectival secularism is an alternative to religious perspective in that if finds no place for the God” (Heng & Ten, 2010). He defines state secularism as different view, which does not seek to eliminate religion, but to confine its scope and application.
Perspectival secularism is indeed hostile to religion… is an alternative to religious perspectives in that it finds no place for the God of traditional religions or the afterlife. The secular perspective regards itself as superior to all religious outlooks, which will eventually disappear. …...
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“While the different forms of deism preserve the idea of God and dissolve religion into a vague religiosity, Comte proposes exactly the contrary: a religion with neither God nor the supernatural” (Bourdeau, 2008). Influential British Philosopher has further analyzed the doctrine of Religion of Humanity. He said there is no need of supernatural belief. The main thing is to development of humanity and serving and worshiping humanity is the religion of humanity. He also accuses that the unfortunate tendency in supernatural religion hinder the development not only of our intellectual, but also our moral…show more content…
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