Secrets of the Night - Original Writing

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Secrets of the Night - Original Writing

The white mist glistened in the moons sparkly light and the tracks

rumbled as the old dark train sped nearer. As the rumbling became

louder the lights from the front of the train could be seen. The

blinding lights suddenly flashed past then there was a huge roar as it

rushed on through the tunnel and out the other side, then there was

total silence. There was not even a sign that the train had even been

past. The air was still for a long time with no sound apart from that

of an owl’s occasional hooting. But then a few minutes later there was

a sign of movement on the opposite side of the bank as somebody in a

black cloak scrambled up it. The bushes moved as they made their way

away from the track as fast as possible.

It wasn’t until a good hour later that Tom Duck stirred from his

hiding spot. All night he had been sitting there in the damp hoping

that he would get a glimpse of the mysterious person in black that the

village people knew so little yet talked so much about. But as in

their stories the mist came and he stood little chance of seeing the

figure but he remained there just in case it returned. As soon as it

was light enough he decided to make his way down the bank and inspect

the old and supposedly unused track. It took him a good fifteen

minutes to make his way down the steep sides trying not to slip but

when he reached the bottom he gave a great sigh of relief. He picked

his way along until he reached the tunnel mouth, being careful not to

trip on the uneven and uncared for sleepers that with many years of no

use were now rotting.

The tunnel mouth towered above him, its red brick looking like a huge

giant’s mouth with a bottomless hole in the middle. He stepped into

the dim light of the tunnel looking around him for any clues as he

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