Secrets Chapter 1

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It is a beautiful Morning in domino city, the sun is shining and birds are singing. People were making their way to work, chatting on cell phones with business calls, or chatting and gossiping with friends. Teens and children were chatting on the way to school. For Mokuba Kaiba, it isn’t such a great morning. He is extremely nervous, therefore as a result of last night, Joeys little sister, had given up her virginity to him. If Seto, his older brother found out he had sex, consequently Mokuba would find himself grounded. As for Joey, he didn't know that Serenity was even dating. He would surely kill Mokuba for taking his baby sisters virginity. Mokuba swallowed down his nervousness, deciding to at least tell Joey he made love to his girlfriend. He quickly walked into Domino high school, searching for his blond hot-headed friend. When he spotted him at the lockers, he swallowed his nervousness and walked up to him. "Joey, Can I talk to you about something?" He asked nervously. "Um sure squirt, what you want to talk about?" Joey obviously had been startled, not expecting Mokuba to app...
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