Secondhand Smoke Should Be Banned Essay

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In America, there are many cities and states that have implemented a ban on smoking indoors in public areas because of the health effects caused for non-smokers. What isn’t considered, though, is that any amount of secondhand smoke is dangerous to a non-smoker, and not banning smoking outside public places can also be dangerous to non-smokers. Secondhand smoke can cause major cardiovascular problems including heart disease and heart attacks, it also has many negative side effects on children. Smoke free bans should be implemented in all public places, including sidewalks in populated areas to protect non-smokers from secondhand smoke, because secondhand smoke causes dangerous health problems in non-smokers that could possibly result in death.…show more content…
Smoking inside campus buildings is not permitted, but students find themselves walking through a cloud of smoke after almost every class period. Smoking students will usually occupy almost every doorway outside of the building, forcing the non-smoking students to walk right through the smoke. Just 30 minutes of daily contact with smoke can cause the heart damages caused in a habitual smoker (“Secondhand Smoke”). Facts like these should be able to give enough reason to stop allowing these students to smoke in undesignated areas of campus that are usually unreached by other students. It is not understood how a university can have a “dry campus,” but can say that it would cause too many problems to not allow smoking on campuses. According to the Americans for Non-Smoker’s Rights there are currently 975 campuses that have 100% smoke free, whose to say that there can’t be a day where all campuses are smoke free for the rights and safety of our fellow non-smoking…show more content…
Smoking is a risk taken by the smoker on their health, they should consider who else they are affecting. Relating this to alcohol, a person who has been drinking who gets behind the wheel of a car is endangering his or her own life and also the lives of anyone in his or her range of driving; any person smoking in public around non-smokers, both adult and children, are affecting the health of not only themselves but everyone around them. Non-smokers choose to live their lives healthy in the aspect of not consuming nicotine into their body, it doesn’t seem fair that other people should have the right to just endanger non-smoker’s health without any punishment. If a non-smoker were to die of a heart attack or another cardiovascular disease obtained from secondhand smoke, smokers aren’t going to get charged with murder like a drunk driver would for hitting a killing someone else. These issues, while rather different, are very much alike in these
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