Second Wave Feminism Essay

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Feminism changed the world, quite literally. It shook the foundations of the role women had played in society for centuries and brought about a new train of thought, opening minds and smashing the gender roles that society had become so reliant on over the years. There are currently three different waves of feminism. The first wave, the second wave and the third wave. The second wave, which I will be discussing in this essay came about in the 60s and 70s, during major chances in social structure during the post war years . Women had worked all through the war, in industry and business; anywhere a man had previously been employed, a woman could now work as well. Then the war ended, and men came back, wanting, expecting and demanding to have…show more content…
A prime example of this would be radical feminism. Radical feminists often believe all men to be terrible, and that women are almost heavenly creatures incapable of doing wrong. Stating that they are oppressed in every aspect of their life, that the patriarchy dominates it all. The hatred of men as a whole is called misandry and that is what many of these women are. A toxic mindset that they push and impose on others, promoting female superiority over equality. Another example would be white feminism. White feminism is ignoring the struggles of minorities and campaigning for causes such as “free the nipple”. While they may be important, a double standard is often seen when white feminism is portrayed. Women of colour sporting the same risque outfits as a caucasian woman are called “slutty” among other slurs. In the long run, erasing the progress people of colour have made. White feminism blatantly disregards systematic racism, white privilege, police brutality and struggles minorities face. White feminists (not per say caucasian but those who aren’t intersectional feminists) often promote racist and problematic ideas, such as that any woman wearing a hijab is oppressed. Radical feminists and white feminists are thought of the root problem in the feminist community being the culprit of the public mindset that feminism is full of women who hate men. It has created a negative association with the word feminism and turned it into a joke, essentially ruining the face of feminism. We are only just now beginning to recover. We could be much further than we currently are if Radical Feminism had never taken root and corrupted the movement in this

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