Second Sudanese Civil War

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War is calamitous, war is corrosive, and war has eradicated the strongest of states. Empires have been defeated by war, ancient civilizations have been destroyed and dissipated, yet, war has remained a weapon of political propaganda for centuries. War has “[...] kill[ed] people, destroy[ed] resources, retard[ed] economic development, ruin[ed] environments, spread disease[s], expand[ed] governments, militarize[d] societies, reshape[d] cultures, disrupt[ed] families, and traumatize[d] people.” (Levy & Thompson, 2010, p. 1) It is the most destructive form of human behavior, a social demeanor that undermines the sovereignty and security of a state, a conduct that can change the global hegemony instantaneously, but likewise, a bearing that is imperative to humanity and the political realm.
Prospective outlooks of a country can be altered by war, a proposal that will be demonstrated in this analysis, as war can ostensibly transform a nation, and change a continent. A substantiated concept evidenced by the Second Sudanese Civil War, as the prior is essentially responsible for the recent succession of South Sudan, dissociating two ethnical groups, forcibly put together by former colonialist ties. It was a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended their two decade long war, and put forth a framework that would ultimately revise the economical, and social, design of Sudan, and subsequently most of Africa. Fundamentally, the CPA would not bring an end to the animosity between the North and the South, as border tensions, and fair oil distribution, have continued to disjoint the neighboring nations to this day.
This analysis will put forth a historical, and descriptive, dialogue of the hostilities, in an attempt to illustrate the causal...

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