Second Industrial Revolution Essay

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Chandler Smith Coach McDaniel US History 5 May 2014 Technology and Industrial Growth: Second Industrial Revolution With the conclusion of the Civil War, the United States turned their focus on rebuilding railroad and telegraph networks in the South, completing those of the North, and expanding those of the West. Once the depression of the 1870s had completely diminished, the stage was set for the Second Industrial Revolution. Also known as the Technological Revolution, this was a phase of the larger Industrial Revolution that lasted from around the middle of the 1800s into the early 20th century. Most tend to believe it began around the time of the introduction of Bessemer steel in the 1860s and concluded around the arrival of the production line, mass production, and factory electrification. The Second Industrial Revolution was characterized by a few different things, including: the large scale iron and steel production, construction of railroads, increase in use of manufacturing machinery, improved use of steam power, and by electrical communications. Known as the “King of Steel”, Andrew Carnegie was the benevolent employer and is considered one the most influential people of the second industrial revolution. There has been great debate about his true character. Some consider him a tyrant; one who was only concerned about his advancement of ideas. On the other hand, another group sees him as a generous educator. There is evidence that points to both sides; however, the best way to see him is as a combination of both. Nevertheless, there is no debate on his impact in the industry. Carnegie is a great example of someone who worked his way up from the bottom, after immigrating to the land of opportunity. After being born in Dunfer... ... middle of paper ... ...people acquired more benefits, and their lives improved substantially. People were now able to spend more time with their loved ones and less time doing monotonous work. These are just a few of the several positive things that came out of the Technological Revolution. As always, the sacrifices and struggles of people led to something far better than they ever thought possible before. So many of the great ideas and inventions of the Technological Revolution are still apart of our lives today. Most of the things we are accustomed to are credited to this time period. Only a few major innovations occurred in the post-war era, such as: computers, semiconductors, the Internet, and jet engines. Even these ideas have been impacted by the thoughts of the Second Industrial Revolution. The world would not be nearly as advanced if it was not for the people in this time period.

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  • Explains that the second industrial revolution was a phase of the larger industrial revolution that lasted from the mid-1800s into the early 20th century.
  • Explains that andrew carnegie was a benevolent employer and influential person of the second industrial revolution. there has been debate about his true character.
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