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1262 words

From 1815 to 1850, the Second Great Awakening was beginning, in which many movements began. There was also a lot of geographical expansion, since it expanded from the east to the west. Some of those included the rights of Mexican Americans and Women. These two were treated differently, with Mexican American being hurt and murdered because they decided to stay in America, and with Women being thought of as property, and not as human beings. Both fought to be thought of as equal in our current society in America, and many people we know now today aided in these people getting rights. The United States did not act and conform to the ideas that were stated in the Declarations for the entirety of the people in the United States, because Women and …show more content…

In Document 1. The evidence that can be used to support my subclaim is that many economical challenges had happened to Maria Ignacia’s father, since he refused to become an American, and had to leave, which made him lose money. All his crops and animals were also taken to feed the troops. Even when he returned back to his house, General Kearny put soldiers into his house and continued to take his livestock. This evidence supports my subclaim because he had many of the resources that he owned taken away from him by the United States. When he left, he most likely lost a large sum of money going back and trying to find a home in Mexico, and had to feed soldiers as well as his family when he moved back to his home, now in Las Vegas. He probably had to work harder so that he can support his family, and still stay in America. In, Document 5, the evidence that can be used to support my subclaim is Juan Cortina had seen many Mexican Americans be segregated against by many U.S. citizens, including Generals and other military officers. He also had to suffer through many laws put in place to stop Mexican Americans from being equal to U.S citizens He once saw a farmer being attacked by a marshal, when Juan shot him and saved the man. This evidence supports my subclaim because many of the Mexican Americans could not get the rights that they deserved. Instead of being left alone, they were abused and beaten whenever they did something wrong, as seen in the document. Some people, including Juan, thought of Americans as “flocks of vampires.” They were wronged, since they could not have a normal life in America, even though it stated that in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. There were many documents that corroborated, including the 3rd and the 4th document, as they both stated and showed the land that was lost from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Document

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the second great awakening began between 1815 and 1850, and included the rights of mexican americans and women. the united states did not act and conform to the declarations for the entire people.
  • Analyzes how the ideals of the declaration were not fulfilled because women did not have equal political and economic rights.
  • Argues that even male immigrants who barely know american culture have an abundance of rights when you compare them to women. the lack of political and economic rights shows that equality was not present for women during that time.
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