Second Chance at Life

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In 1996 the last U.S. hanging took place in Delaware after Billy Bailey maliciously murdered an elderly couple of the ages 80 and 73. Billy Bailey’s execution was the first hanging to take place in the U.S. since 1946 and the last as of today (“Delaware Holds First Hanging Since 1946”). Other Forms of execution such as lethal injections are now being used as a form of punishment in a select few of states for those who commit the most sinister of crimes. For those who are not executed, or are placed on death row to await their demise, they are incarcerated in jail. Prisons are supposed to protect people from those who don’t abide by the laws, but lately some American prisons have introduced new ways to better the inmates rather than just confinement. Focusing more on correcting and rehabilitating prisoners rather than punishing them will benefit Americans, because isolation only leads to chaos, rehabilitation and correction will save taxpayers’ money, and upon their release the former inmates will be able to work in the community with an education.
Approximately 70% of the released prisoners return to jail within a few years. Most of them fall in four broad categories: violent offending, sex offending, cognitive skills, and addictions (“Prisoner Rehabilitation”). Prisons now present rehab programs for those arrested for harmful substances and therapy for those who are besieged with other issues. Traditionally as punishment, prisoners are confined to their cells for the majority of their day. As a minimum, roughly 25,000 prisoners remain in solitary confinement in the United States. Several inmates are kept isolated for weeks to years at a time. More inmates are detained in solitary confinement in America than in any othe...

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