Second Amendment

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When our founding fathers created this country under the constitution, they stated in the Second Amendment “the right for individuals to bear arms” and it is with prosperity and justice that we keep this privilege. From my perspective, this right provides security for families across the United States. The security we need if conflict was ever to uprise in our nation. Although our country has never been attacked in any of the recent major wars, we must take into consideration that an attack is possible from an opposing nation. Subsequently, the recent terrorist attacks upon the United States show us that if a major outbreak was to happen, it would take time for the U.S to retaliate. I have no doubt that our country would undermine the opposing side of a dispute, however it would take them time to do so. Within that time period people could be killed without having protection that they needed.
The act of banning guns from civilians has had downfalls throughout history. As we have seen in the past with countries such as Germany, China, the USSR, Britain and more; an act of disloyalty has happened, within the countries the men responsible have always been held liable for their actions. One of them is Adolf Hitler, he is the man responsible for the deaths of 17 million people. The leader of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin also is held liable for the deaths of 26 million people. Mao Zedong, famous for being one of the communist leaders of the Republic of China starved is responsible for the deaths of about 78 million people. These three dictators all rose to power through the citizens. They elected these people and trusted them to get the job done. What Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong have in common is they all lied to civi...

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...h firearms in Sweden is just 14 compared with Denmark to 58. The murder with firearms in these countries is tiny compared to the U.S. However, remember the increase of crime in Britain has changed drastically since banning firearms. Providing evidence that banning firearms from a country is defective. However, I do believe that people should have to register to own a gun, which is what many countries are doing.
In conclusion, many prominent countries have elected cruel dictators that struck upon their own civilians through abusing their power. Providing knowledge to us moving forward to ponder about who to elect to represent our nation. For as the action of electing a cruel leader can lead to acts against our standards. Within those standards is the right to bear arms, the second amendment. An essential regulation by our country for the liberty and justice for all.
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