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One of the most controversial topics today is the 2nd Amendment. With that being said I have selected to write about is the “2nd Amendment: the Right to Bear Arms”, the reason I selected to write about this is that I am heavily involved with firearms for many different reasons. I have been handling and operating firearms since I was a young boy. I’ve been an outdoorsman for quite sometime and also shot in a few different sporting clay competitions as well. Having the right to bear arms is very important. Why? Because if you think about it, back when this country was founded the men needed a way to defend them selves and also their private property. With everything that is accruing in our country the past several years really have millions of people with the right to bears arms on edge. Why, because the sportsman’s, and collectors are worried that the government is going to try to confiscate there weapons. I feel that this is one of the most complex issues that America has to deal with. This is an amendment that took place from when the country was first founded and grew out of the English legal tradition. This was written in which all men were able to have ownership of their firearms and for them to keep peace. In the United States there are millions of people that are against the 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms was created from our founding fathers of the United States. Throughout the years people have purchased millions of different types of firearms, for many different reasons. I want the readers to focus on main points that I mentioned about. Hunting, target shooting, and self-defense are the ones that were are chosen I felt that they are most important to the average person. With everything that is occurrin... ... middle of paper ... ...ou’re in danger and there’s no one around to help, and people in the city there’s some type of law-enforcement available. After reading this editorial paper I want my readers to be more educated about why people carry firearms and why its important to be part of the 2nd Amendment. its important to be apart of the 2nd Amendment because you can be part of something special and also have fun with shooting and carrying firearms. Works Cited Chastain, Russ. Why Own a Gun? . Duggan, Mark. The Effect of Gun Shows on Gun-Related Deaths: Evidence from California and Texas. September 2008. . Pros & Cons of guns. .

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