Searching For God in America

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Searching For God in America This paper will include my reaction and reflection on the film Searching For God in America, which was aired on PBS, in 1996. The person who iterviewing Rabbi Kushner, is Hugh Hewitt. In my paper I will include facts I learned about Rabbi Kushner, my reactions, questions I would ask Rabbi Kushner, the Rabbi's turning point in his spirtual life, and my own personal reflection. Rabbi Kusner's fourteen year old son died due to a maturity diease, and because of this death Rabbi Kushner did not think he would be ble to continue with his life as a Rabbi. However God helped the Rabbi get through this tough time, and he wrote seven books, and was also claimed the Rabbi of America, by many people. Rabbi Kushner, also developed a philosophy in which God cannot choose free goodness, we must either choose to be close with God, and be good, and follow him, or else sin and be against God in a way, and be bad. My reactions to the video was that Hugh Hewitt was really asking the Rabbi, some personal questions, and kinda forced him to talk about his son's death, and I think that the Rabbi did a great job of answering the questions, as hard as it must have been for him. This showed that the Kushner is a very knowledged speaker, and I enjoyed listening to him speak about his followings of God and his way of life after his son's death. Rabbi Kushner also put Hugh in his place on a few questions where Hugh was trying to make the rabbi look bad, I felt. Some questions I would ask the rabbi, would be why do you think God choose your son to die when he did? Another question would be how and why did you continue following your ways of God after all that happened with your son's death? Finally I would ask him why do you think that God forgives all those who ask him for his forgiveness? I think that when Rabbi's son died, he felt as though he was not a true follower of God, and yet, even after the fact he was able to continue his ways as Rabbi. I think that maybe Kushner felt that his son died, because it was his time to go to be with God, for whatever reason, and he eventually was able to understand that and this is why I feel he continued his ways as Rabbi.
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