Search for an Alternative Fuel Source for Automobiles

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Search for an Alternative Fuel Source for Automobiles Since it’s invention and birth in 1886 automobiles have influenced the world in a huge way. It saved people a lot of energy, time and money. Motorized wagons replaced horse carriages and within a few decades Ford started making affordable models of cars with higher efficiency, which revolutionized the concept of transportation. The first ever car that was built was powered by steam. But with development in science and technology other efficient fuel sources were invented. The present day cars run on petrol (gasoline), diesel, and electricity and even sound. With the increased depletion of coal and coal-derived products, the continued use of automobiles is becoming uncertain. Energy is becoming one of the most important currencies in the world. Hence it is important that it is used efficiently. . Hence there is a search for new source of energy, which could run the automobile engine efficiently or a technology, which could make usage of fossil fuels more efficient. Under this condition it is important to find an energy source, which is more efficient, economical, environmental friendly to replace fossil fuels for continued usage of automobiles. Every automobile engine runs on the principle of an Internal Combustion Engine. As the name implies, Internal Combustion takes place in a closed piston, which in turn pushes the piston to run the engine. Dr. Nicholas Otto invented the first practical Internal Combustion Engine in 1876 (Storm, Skor, Koch, Benson & Galicia, 2008, p. 13). This was the first four-stroke engine ever made and its process was described in the patent filed by him. A four-stroke engine is an engine, which involves four different strokes in the propulsion of th... ... middle of paper ... ...gen, hybrid vehicles are a better alternative. We can hope that in the future, with sufficient development of science and technology, there will be a method to store and utilize hydrogen in a more efficient way and replace other sources of fuels. References Automotive Training Board (ATB). (2008). Inspect and Service Engines. Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Fuels and Combustion. Renault. (2011). Fluence Vs. Fluence Z.E. Ronney, D.P. (2013). Hydrocarbon-Fueled Internal Combustion Engines: "The worst form of vehicle propulsion... except for all other forms". Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. (2010). A Guide to Electric Vehicles. Storm, R, Mark, S, Lisa, D.K, Benson, T, Galicia, C. (2008). A NASA guide to Engines. Shrivatsa, K. (2011). Electric Cars. U.S. Department of Energy. (2010). Fuel cells.

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