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502 words

Search and Seizure: Did the Government Go Too far? When is a search not a search? The Fourth Amendment was made to protect prevent unwanted search and seizure. Were DLK’s rights violated by using a thermal imager without a warrant? The Fourth Amendment protects citizens rights from unlawful search and seizure. In the case of DLK, the supreme court had to decide if the government went to far. The government went to far because the search violated the Fourth Amendment rights by unlawfully obtaining information without a warrant. What is a thermal imager? A thermal imager is a tool that can be used to detect differences of heat on a surface. Shown in Document C is a picture of DLK’s home after the police had used the thermal imager to scan the house. The picture showed a great amount of heat escaping from the windows and doors. Explained in Document B, the heat signatures were seen as suspicious because marijuana plants need sunlight to grow, but would be seen if they were being grown near windows. DLK used an artificial light that simulates sunlight, which created a great amount of heat that needed to be let out. Some might argue that because it only scanned the outside of the house it was not invading DLK’s privacy (Document B,C). …show more content…

The right to retreat and be free in one’s home from government intrusion is in the Fourth Amendment. DLK took precaution in keeping the activities he did in his home private. He was not trying to hurt anyone or knowingly expose his activities to the public. The police used thermal imaging which allowed them to see what is invisible to the naked eye. They used technology to obtain information which could not be found using natural senses, therefore invading the privacy of people and their homes. Your home is private and any private information about your house should only be obtained through a warrant (Document

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the fourth amendment protects citizens rights from unlawful search and seizure. the supreme court had to decide if the government went too far.
  • Explains that a thermal imager detects differences of heat on surfaces. the police used it to scan dlk's home.
  • Explains how dlk kept his private home private by using thermal imaging and technology to obtain information that could not be found using natural senses.
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