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Making a career out of sewing is a simple task, since the majority of people have an attachment to the idea of items being customized to their personal preference. Sewing is making, repairing, or attaching cloth by stitching the seams together with a needle and thread by hand or by a sewing machine. Although a seamstress is the one who makes and repairs clothing, they also conduct individual clothes fittings, alterations, and repairs. The primitive, ancient form of sewing was practiced by early man more than 20,000 years ago and has evolved from hand sewing into mechanical sewing. The idea of sewing all began when someone decided to use needles, which came from iron, to stitch together animal skin for clothing and blankets (Eve 1). In the…show more content…
One of the first sewing schools, The Women’s Domestic Institute, taught women how to sew and how to organize their own seamstress business (Ketteler 1). Mary Brooks Picken led the women’s sewing school in the early 1900s and is now the author of more than 90 sewing books. World War II brought revitalization in sewing and caused women to sew for the war effort (Ketteler 1). Women learned how to “upcycle” from taking classes at sewing centers and colleges. These classes helped focus on repurposing old clothing instead of throwing them away. Because of the Great Depression, New Deal programs started to generate sewing rooms around the United States, employing seamstress who were out of work. In 1942, fifty percent of the fabric sales increased and there were 70 million patterns sold (Ketteler 1). Millions of women and young girls were sewing in the United States by the mid…show more content…
Using a sewing machine today, the seamstress applies heavy pressure to the foot pedal to stitch the model much faster than past sewing machines. Depending on the budget, type of sewing, and personal preference of the sewing machine will usually determine what kind of machine is bought (Gardiner 4). Computerized sewing machines automatically set the correct stitch tension, length, and width of what you have chosen. (Gardiner 4). The main principles of sewing machines are all the same even though some models are different. Most machines have one or two upper thread spindles on which the thread reel is placed. (Gardiner 5). The stitch width is only applicable on stitches that have a zigzag stitch or decorative stitches. (Gardiner 6). The average stitch length of medium weight fabric is 2.5 mm or 10-12 stitches per length. The Flywheel machine is known as the balance wheel. (Gardiner 6). The Needle has a flat surface on one side of the shaft that is placed in the thread column facing to the back. The most common machines have three or four threads while the top of the range has eight thread positions (Gardener

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