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Two major film genres with increasing popularity in the film industry and the younger generations are horror and comedy. Each genre has its own unique style for captivating viewers and makes them eager to return to the movies once more. Both comedy and horror attract people from different backgrounds and what entertains certain viewers may not suit another societal group. Horror and comedy each require parental awareness, unique acting styles, and individual enthusiasm. Before heading to the movies, viewers should do research to find which genre and title best suits their interests and preferences. Most people watch films either for entertainment or receiving information on a subject, but simple entertainment does not always explain why we watch a film. Society turns to film as a way to encourage certain emotions such as sadness, fear, and happiness. Many people show more sensitivity to horror films, yet they continue to watch them because they enjoy the thrills fear induces and the excitement that comes along with it. Katerina Bantinaki argues that the fear experienced by many when exposed to horror can somehow be interpreted as a positive emotion (BANTINAKI 383). However, certain people do not care for experiencing fear or may even have issues with anxiety; therefore they may prefer a happier film. For those whom horror just does not make the cut, the viewer should consider comedy as wonderful way for appealing to more positive emotions in people. “A sense of humor is a common human characteristic that people in many cultures experience” (Sawahata 1). When we put a comedy in our DVD player, we expect to laugh and experience happiness. When considering what film type to watch, one must also consider who will receive exposure t... ... middle of paper ... ...Comedy and horror do not share many similarities nor do they contain the same messages, but they do have one thing in common: They are both intended to be entertaining for anyone who watches them. No genre has an advantage over the other and each have genuine artistic qualities for viewers to appreciate. Regardless of what age a person is or what interests they may have, there are films for everyone that will complement those interests. The only thing one has to do is search for that perfect film. Works Cited BANTINAKI, KATERINA. "The Paradox Of Horror: Fear As A Positive Emotion." Journal Of Aesthetics & Art Criticism 70.4 (2012): 383-392. Academic Search Complete. Web. 23 Jan. 2014. Sawahata, Yasuhito, et al. "Decoding Humor Experiences From Brain Activity Of People Viewing Comedy Movies." Plos ONE 8.12 (2013): 1-9. Academic Search Complete. Web. 23 Jan. 2014.
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