Scuba Diving

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A scuba diver, submerged under water and surrounded by a multitude of colorful fish, is in his element. To him, there is no beauty like the majesty of the sea. He is fascinated by the life that thrives at the bottom of the sea, but mainly, with the many fish that call it home. Just above the top of the ocean, another man stands on the sand, reveling in the splendor of the sky. In his hand he holds a long string that stretches into the clouds and connects with a magnificent kite. Each man believes his atmosphere to be the most wonderful of all. The diver believes the ocean’s beauty to be enhanced by the fish that swim there, while the man on shore is convinced that kites brighten the sky.

Far below the surface of the ocean, lies a world very different from our own. Among the many inhabitants of this world are fish. The fish of the sea are dazzling, colorful creatures. Their outer beauty is enhanced by the wide array of colors that encompass them and vary to include all shades of the rainbow. Although flat from a distance, fish are anything but. Their insides are made up of many layers including, a vertebrate, skeleton, muscles, fins, gills, and scales. Every fish has a distinctive nose and tail. They are cold blooded animals, who lay eggs to produce young and breathe as water passes over their gills. Fish are incredibly graceful and skillful swimmers who have perfected the sport as a means of escape from predators lurking in the water. Although fish are among the many wonders of the sea, they are also very useful on land. Seafood is one of the healthiest proteins, and, because of the wide variety and types available, fish is often the main course in healthy meals around the world. Finally, fish are peaceful as well as beautiful a...

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...g pole, a fish can say goodbye to any future he had of playing in the water.

A kite seen gliding in the wind, its long tail stretching out toward the ground below, and a fish flipping his tail back and forth as he swims beneath the sea, are both brilliant to watch. The spectrums of colors that can be seen on each are beautiful shades of every color in the rainbow. Although one is living and breathing and the other man made, each provides people around the world with delicious, healthy food, or ageless entertainment. For fisherman and scuba divers, fish would provide a higher form of amusement. To them, fish have a variety of uses that range from good meals, to fantastic underwater beauties. A man who would rather feel solid ground beneath his feet would prefer the beauty of a kite moving in the wind, as he stands and watches, the string held firmly in his hand.
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