Scrutinization of Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour

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In most cases, just about anything can be clarified to a reader by using a symbol to represent it. In life friendship can be symbolized by a hug, chain,necklaces, and tattoos, basically anything that you can place a descriptive twist on. For example, a chain resembles the bond a friendship has and how strong it is. It also resembles how long you have had that friendship. Each link can resemble every year you’ve known a friend and how closely the links are welded together the closer your bond is. The material of you and your friend’s chain can also resemble how strong it is if it’s made of yarn compared to titanium then you’ll know which is stronger. Hugs may also be a way of seeing how strong a person’s relationship is if you see people hugging someone tight and pick them up compared to someone just give a short hug with a pat on the backyou’ll know whose is stronger.

Irony can best be described as what is said and what is meant some see it as sarcasm which is what it actually is. It can sometimes be a bit confusing or not make sense, yet at the same time it can also make sense. There are several examples of irony which can be organized in various categories.Dramatic Irony is one of those categories as an audience member, you can assume if you see some person walking in the woods at night walking in to a dark old house that they are going to die or going to have some misfortune. If a person who swears to be a vegan and avoids meats but will eat a slice of pepperoni pizza because they are hungry. It may not make sense, but it is an explanation of situational irony. Verbal irony is just like saying look at that it’s “as soft as a brick”. These are just three of the different ironies there are.

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