Screwtape Letters

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The Screwtape Letters are a fictional series of letters compiled into a book and written by the highly acclaimed apologist and author, C.S. Lewis. The Letters discuss topics such as salvation, the Christian lifestyle, depression, love, and many other subjects that are pivotal to the way we live, think, and interact with others and the world around us. Nearly the entire book’s perspective is given to us by Screwtape, a senior demon who corresponds with his nephew, Wormwood, to mentor him on the damning of his charge. Wormwood’s task is to tempt a man living in 1960’s Britain (Known only as “The Patient”) to sin and eventually have him lose faith in God altogether. Screwtape is cunning, intelligent, and extremely twisted, going so far as to partake in his nephew’s punishment when he fails his tasks. Wormwood, from the information given and what extrapolations can be made, is naïve and fresh out of Hell with little experience and a greater amount of mistakes much to his uncle’s growing and violent disappointment and rage. He does, however, try to take Screwtape’s advice regardless of h...
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