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The setting is a vast stage. In the middle of the stage is a large television screen, there are also two segmented rooms on the stage. It is a television set, there are camera men, crew members and action going on everywhere backstage. [Lauren the host speaks into her earpiece] Lauren: Who do we have today? Prospero and Faustus? Pronounce that again. Faust-us, got it. No I haven't had a time to read the whole thing but it should be fine. Whats that quote? Often, for undaunted courage, fate spares the man it has not already marked. Where do you boys find this stuff? No no, I will find a way to mention it to them beforehand. How did you explain why they are no longer in their worlds? Haha okay okay, I will leave the logistics to you. Tonight should be our best show yet. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. [Enter Prospero and Dr. Faustus] Lauren: Hi gentlemen, thank you for joining me this evening. Dr. Faustus: Faustus is happy to be here. Prospero: It is my pleasure to join you. Who is Faustus? Dr. Faustus: I am Dr. Faustus! Who are you? Prospero: My name is Prospero. Lauren: And I am your host, Lauren Fisher. Now that everyone has become acquainted, I would love to get started. Would you like to know why I have gathered you both here? Dr. Faustus: I assume it is due to my intellect and vast knowledge of all of the powers of the universe. Prospero: Are you some sort of magician? I have not heard of Faustus before. Lauren: Well I have actually gath- Dr. Faustus: Never heard of Faustus?! What a shame. The mere title of magician belittles the powers of Faustus. Prospero: Well do you have one of these? [Pulls out magic book] Dr. Faustus: What doctrine call you this? Lauren: Sorry but I must interrupt you here Dr. Faustus, I would lik... ... middle of paper ... ...e will never forget, I taught him to forgive. To call him my son now would even infect my mouth, yet I do forgive. Not for me, but for my daughter and my family. Lauren: Wise words my friend. Now I will reveal who is the winner, may I just say that there is nothing more inglorious than that glory that is gained by war. It does not take courage to kill an innocent old man. It takes courage to look into the face of a man you should hate and forgive. The winner is Prospero! Congratulations. By the time you get home, your daughter will already be carrying an heir. Maybe next time you will listen when someone tells you courage will help overcome your fate. Dr. Faustus: It can't be! Faustus is the winner [Demons appear and drag Faustus away] Lauren: Thanks for watching everyone, join us next week when we pit Harry Potter against Merlin on “WHO IS THE ULTIMATE MAGIC MAN?!”

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