Scrapbooking Memories

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How to preserve your memories with scrapbooking As we take a look at how to preserve your memories with scrapbooking let’s take a look at the history of scrapbooking. “As early as the 1825, the first serial of scrapbook idea book called “The Scrapbook” was issued”, (History of Scrapbooking). In the early days, scrapbooking was not about preserving photos as today because the camera was not even invented yet. It was more about keeping memories and preserving special mementos such as a ticket, card, quote or poem. This still holds true today and we collect the things that are important to us and want to preserve them so our families can relive our memories for years to come. “In mid-1990s, with the explosion of scrapbook idea publications, scrapbooking picked up speed in becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies in America:, (History of Scrapbooking). Now that we know about the history of scrapbooking, are you ready to get some scrapbooking done? “Frist, thing you need is photos and not all should be professional photos”, (Carter 3). Next, choose photos that represent your…show more content…
Choose a topic that you enjoy and remember. “Scrapbooking is all about telling a story”, (Buckley 2). Start with a small recent event. Remember these are your memories so use what is important to you. Next, choose your album size. Then pick out the pictures you are going to use and design your layout. If you have many photos you may need to crop or trim down your photos. If you only have a few pictures try to make the photos the stand out from the other elements on the page. If you totally don’t know any ideas of your own, you can look for layout ideas online on Pinterest. You will use your supplies and tools to create your page. Once you decide on how you want your page to look. Glue everything down and be sure to journal on the page. If it is troublesome there should at least be the name of the person in the photo, the event and
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