Scouting, Experience in the Making: A Reflective Essay

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A scout is defined by how he lives his daily life. By definition, he is suppose to live by the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. If he lives by these guidelines, he is subject to several virtues: patience, leadership, and trouble shooting. In all my scouting experiences, these virtues have been blindly apparent and have served me well.
Patience is the first and foremost of these virtues. During scouting experiences, I have discovered that in truth you need three kinds of patience. The first is patience with younger scouts. Younger scouts are often hyper and inattentive to anything that is not mindless and entertaining for its entire duration. For example, during our regular scout meetings we have a period of time set aside for skills instruction, during which younger scouts go ballistic. It takes a special kind of patience to not yell at these younger scouts but still keep them under control. The second kind of patience is patience with older scouts and adults because they are opinionated and may not see my side of the story. Prior to a recent canoe trip, I had to explain ...

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