Scott McNealy: Chairman And CEO Of SUN Microsystems

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Scott McNealy, Chairman and CEO, co-founded Sun Microsystems in 1982. Since the founding of Sun, the company has become one of the world leaders in computing network solutions. Thru McNealy’s participative, charismatic and transformational leadership styles, Sun is sure to continue its hold in the industry.
A charismatic leader is one who has a compelling vision or sense of purpose, and ability to communicate that vision in clear terms that followers can understand. They also demonstrate a consistency and focus in pursuit of the vision, and an understanding of his or her own strengths.
Through McNealy’s writings he conveys his vision of what technology should be and were it should go in the future. His willingness to take on controversial issues in the industry, head on, shows his belief and focus on his visions. McNealy states, “Without choice, there is no competition. Without competition, there is no innovation. And without innovation, you are left with very little” in support of the U.S. Anti-trust Laws. The company’s mission statement is also an example of the clearly defined vision of where McNealy wants Sun to go in the future.
One who has a participative leadership style actively seeks input from followers for many of the activities in organization. As bright a star that McNealy is one must realize that he couldn’t have done this all himself. The fast-paced, ever evolving computing industry requires more than just one individual’s input on an organizations direction.
The book defines a transformational leader as one who inspires followers to transcend self-interests for the good of the organization and who is capable of having a profound and extraordinary affect on followers. McNealy has proven himself to be this type of leader. Not only has he had a

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