Scissors Is Not The Simplest Game On Earth

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Rock, paper, scissors is seemingly the simplest game on earth: there are only three choices, and the outcome is completely random. This is not true. Yes, there are only three choices, but the game of rock, paper, scissors is not simple, but scientists have discovered that anything from subconscious human responses, to an opponent’s body language can and will influence a player’s choice. Dozens of scientific studies have been done on this “simple” game. Just like the game of rock, paper, scissors, an organism is much more complex than it seems to be on the surface. Looking deeper into the organism’s makeup will reveal it has individual organ systems, tissue, and eventually all of this is made up of cells. There are both plant and animal cells, which are similar, yet very different. Even further inspection of these organisms uncovers cell organelles, the small structures within the tiny cell that each have their own function and structure. The five most important organelles in the animal cell are the cytoskeleton, mitochondria, lysosomes, ribosomes, and nucleus. In the plant cell, the five most significant organelles are the central vacuole, chloroplast, cell wall, Golgi apparatus, and nucleus.
The animal cell contains within it over twenty differing organelles. Each of these, and the cell as a whole require something to defend, move, and allow internal transport. The cytoskeleton is one of the most important part of the animal cell for this reason. Within it are the actin filaments, intermediate filaments, and microtubules. This combination maintains the shape of the cell and allow it to move. Actin filaments are long, flexible, and thin fibers that form a web of structural support to hold the cell in shape. They interact with moto...

... middle of paper ... serves the same purposes in both cells: it’s the command center of the cell, it contains the genetic information of the cell and instructions for copying itself, as well as for what the cell should do. The ribosomes, needed for protein synthesis along with the nucleus, form in the nucleolus, located in the nucleus. Because it controls all functions of the cell, and makes it possible to pass on its genetic information, it is essential to the plant cell.
Even though organisms seem simple on the surface, when one looks closer, they can see how complex it really is. Many different processes take place within an organelle of a small cell, and each have their own importance. However, some of these processes and organelles are more important than others due to the fact that they are needed in order for the rest of the cell to carry out it processes correctly and live on.

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