Scientific Revolution Dbq Essay

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The scientific revolution was what introduced the way we think based on experimentation, observation and how we apply reasoning to the things we do scientifically. During the scientific revooution this way of thinking brought forward new kinds of thinkers otherwise know as enlgihtentment thinkers. These enlightenment thinkers brought there ideas forward, which helped lead the strive for there independence . this is what led to the beginning of the scientific revolution. The scientific revolution began around the mid 1700s and went all the way through the mid 1800s theses revolutions did not only stay in one place, this was happening globally in Europe, the americans and through out the latin American colonies. You might ask yourself what did they these revolutions have in common ? they all became infulanced by one another and was infinced by the enlightenment thinkers. The enlightenment thinkers were hobbes montesque locke Voltaire rousseau Beccaria and willisoncraft. Everyone of there elnlightenment thinkers all had there…show more content…
The decleration of man was infulaned by the enlightmenment thinkers ideas and also by the decloration of independence. This document states “that’s all men are born, and shall remain equal and free in rights, have natural right” (liberty property, security) and they all have equal rights freedom for speech and religion. Voltaire believed that everyman should be allowed to have freedom of speech and their own expression of their reglious beliefs. The social contract was written by enlightenment thinker jean Jacques roussaeu in 1763. Rousseau believed in rule by the general rule. Rousseau states in his documents “ Man is born free, and everywhere his is in chains” this statement means to me that man is born free but is chained by the rules that are set by the government. The declaration of rights of man states “that every citizen has the participate in the laws
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