Science Vs. The God Question: Science Vs. God

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Science VS. God – The God Question is a documentary exploring the existence of an all-powerful creator in the midst of different evidences spanning from the origin of the cosmos, evolution of living beings and human consciousness and spirituality. This is an ongoing debate among world class scientists, theologians, philosophers, biologists and other learned people. The documentary brings to light opposing points of view, hence letting the viewer see the opposing sides from an unbiased eye. I believe Science and God can meet at a crossroads and interact with each other. Both are means to discover reality and complement the other well. The first episode probes on the wonder around the cosmos and the origin of the conflict model between science…show more content…
The existential questions of who created the universe and did the universe form by chance or for a reason are raised in this discussion. The Big Bang led to order and not chaos due to the laws of physics, but even scientists cannot explain the reason behind why suddenly the invisible dot exploded to create the universe we know today. Atheists often turn to the multiverse concept where out of a million universes, we are in the one that sustains life. This approach is much more satisfying to digest than believing God exists. But believers think doing so is a fraud and often question the origin of laws of physics. Hence in this context, a better debate would be between Atheism VS. Theism rather than God VS.…show more content…
For instance, Buddhism emphasizes on the need to meditate and explore the depths of our mind through aesthetic experiences. The Ely Cathedral in London always leaves visitors compelled, inspired and drawn more towards God. Islam propagates closeness to God through establishing personal connections with Him. This shows that humans have genetic propensity for spirituality and if human beings can have a mind, so can the universe – in the form of God. Moreover, morality is a part of human consciousness to God. However, it is extremely essential that humans carefully scrutinize their own beliefs as one is often culturally conditioned to believe what people around are

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