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Many preteens have either very high or low self-esteem based on the amount of likes or comments they get on their social networks. Of the 69% of teens that own their own computer or smartphone, 80% are active on social media. I think that this will have a huge impact on society. Our generation is glued to our phones. Many kids, preteens, and teenagers are becoming more and more conceded because of how many ‘selfies’ or pictures of themselves are taken. Not only does social media does affect preteens’ self-esteem, it is also causing bullying and suicides. Because of social media, 4,400 deaths per year have taken place, according to the CDC.
Social media has been portraying that you are only beautiful if you have the perfect body and the clearest skin. There is no one with a perfect body, none of these girls realize that all of this is photoshop. Because of harsh comments and/or haters, numerous girls have been feeling unwanted, started cutting, drinking bleach. Social media has also lead to sexual harassment, such as Amanda Todd’s story. Because of cyber bullying and sexual harassment, Amanda Todd committed suicide. Like Amanda Todd, many girls have went online and talked to strangers. Each day, thousands of girls go online and are commented on their appearance. People comment that they are ugly, or no one likes them; this lowers their self-esteem. According to CDC, over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide. Self-esteem plays a central role in mental health. Peer-pressure has caused many girls’ self-esteem level to drop immensely and made them compare themselves to others. Physical appearance consistently correlates positively with adolescent self-esteem. 10 to 14 year old girls may be at even higher risk ...

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...ments about them or a “tbh” that is rude. It has been spreading hurtful gossip, including sexually explicit rumors, and lies that are public to anyone online. Even if someone blocked them, they can still ask questions. It is used to send hate, and hurtful messages to others without getting caught. Another tumblr blog called "PA Gossip Girl" lets others also send messages when anonymous, spread many sexually explicit rumors.
Each day, many preteens are hurt by social networks. 81% of teens say online bullying is easier to get away with. 42% of teenagers with tech access reported being cyberbullied over the past year. I think that social media network programmers should pay more attention to what this is all causing. Many people are not realizing to what extent social networks can harm young adults and preteens, they do so much more damage than people think they do.
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