Science And Religion Essay

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From 1750 to 1914, the new nation of the United States experienced a snapshot of transformation and development, as it began to write its own history through times of war to periods of Enlightenment. As America gained freedom from Britain, the people began to from a new democracy and developed economy that created revenue and nationalism as well as sectionalism in the North and South which ultimately lead to civil war. Furthermore, after mending internal conflicts of sectionalism and working towards a united and expanded nation, Americans symbolized progressive thinkers in a new age of displaying “urban boom”. Most importantly, along with ideas of democracy and debates over slavery, tariffs, and state rights, contemporary philosophies and ideals seen today prevailed throughout the different eras in Unites States history. However, the conflict between science and religion including its origins and trends was strongly laced in America’s early years. For instance, in the Revolutionary Era, from 1750 to 1812, the spark between the sciences v. religion conflict first appeared when both clergy and scientists debated over the driving forces of natural phenomena. Next, in Antebellum America from 1812-1860, the conflict between intellect and faith experienced a period of harmony as the two cultures compromised with one another as science began to benefit religion and vice versa. New Religions like Christian Science and ideas about medicine showcased an era of Enlightenment and “Common Sense”. Next, throughout the era of civil war and reconstruction, from 1860-1877, Darwin’s ideas of evolution through natural selection reached its influence in America. Darwin’s ideas did not coincide with religious traditions and tension peaked between sc...

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...ut a pattern of conflict and compromise is apparent. However, as more progressive thinkers arrived, the combination of science and religion became more radical and hurt society rather than provide support and comfort. The first compromise promoted growth (Antebellum) but the final compromise (New Century) promoted segregation between whites and non-whites due to discomfort. Overall, science and religion should be kept as separate cultures, only mixing to benefit one another or the greater good of people and to provide answers to questions about our human race.
**Ground breaking scientific discovers mixed with religious ideals results in movements and radical ideologies that HURT society and caused unease within people that they had to target certain individuals. Isn’t science religion supposed to comfort the living? Both give answers to the “Big Questions” in life!
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