Science And Evolutionism: Science, Evolution And Creationism

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During our class discussions, we have talked about evolution and science and if it goes against or has connections with religion and the way we view God and his creations. Science is normally based on evidence that is viewed from examining what is going on in the world around you. Religion on the other hand, doesn’t need any proven evidence because its what you believe in. With all the articles we have read in the class up to this point, the writers tend to have different opinions on whether they conflict or compare. Some of the writers have said that science and creationism can be related because of what they believe in. However, others have been completely against saying that you can’t go against your religion. In my opinion, I think that both science and creationism are similar and compatible to one another because its what you as a person chose to believe in.
In the first reading, “Science, Evolution and Creationism”, it discusses the theory of evolution, the study of biological evolution, and experiments that have been done. In the beginning of this reading it discusses the theory of evolution. Scientists no longer question evolution and whether or not it is still reoccurring but instead looks deeper into the process of evolution. The theory of evolution is supported by multiple observations and experiments so scientists thought since they already didn’t everything they wanted from those answers that it would be better to look deeper and study how things continue to evolve. A good example of this that was from the reading would be how it discusses the Tiktaalik. The Tiktaalik is believed to be a representative of the evolutionary transition from a fish to an amphibian. When it talks about the Tiktaalik they say, “may have li...

... middle of paper ... scientists more examples of evolution and it brings scientists one-step closer to figuring out how the process of evolution works.

In conclusion to answer the question, “Does the theory of evolution by natural selection conflict with Judeo-Christian worldview of God as Creator?” I believe that it doesn’t. You are a human are allowed to believe in whatever you want. You shouldn’t have to choose between science and religion. Both of them have their different agreements but in the end it’s going to be however you feel. Science may prove something new everyday on evolution and how us as humans got here on Earth but that isn’t going to chance the way we act towards religion. It may chance some people’s views but it won’t change everyone’s. However both science and creationism study to prove what they want to prove and they both stop until they find an answer.
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