Science Against Evolution

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The theory of evolution was published by an evolutionist called Charles Darwin in 1838. He also proposed the theory of Natural Selection, sometimes known as survival of the fittest. Evolution is when a change occurs in the genetic source within your Deoxyribonucleic Acid, this is believed to happen over an extremely long period of time. Natural Selection is the process whereby organisms better adapted to the nature surrounding them tend to survive a longer period of time due to the fact that they are more suited to the environment in a stable manner. This process is said to be linked to evolution and is now known as the process which happens to animals that cannot adapt in the surrounding nature. This relates to the survival of the fittest. The weaker members of the species die out and the genetic traits of the strongest dominate the gene pool of the species. Evolution is a false statement, the urban legend goes that Charles Darwin renounced evolution on his deathbed.

Evolution is still a theory, this simply means that this has not yet been confirmed. The reason for this is because there is still some evidence that mismatches when it comes to evolution, some examples may be the complexity of the eye, living fossils, dating methods and microevolution/macroevolution. There is a process known as Microevolution which is actually happening. Microevolution is real, it is the small changes within many different species occurring in their genetic code and happens in a short period of time. Macroevolution is the process in which a new species is formed from genetic information which previously did not exist similar to how apes transitioned into humans when they did not exist. Genetic information does not just spontaneously appear. It is s...

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...o be 1.8 Million years old and of a single species that could be a single population, but this may not necessarily be true, what if it was ongoing the process of Evolution. Evidence is proposed to argue against this. There was a time when man existed, during the era of the Wooly Mammoths, now the African Elephant and the Wooly Mammoth both have highly similar bone structures which means they could have evolved from one another but the Elephant that is indicated with the similar bone structure is the African Elephant the Wooly Mammoths survived in the ice age.

In Conclusion, as of today evolution is still a theory and will continue in that state until society builds advanced machines that are proven to be accurate which can either correct or incorrect theories. But the question is if evolution is ever proven false how did life form on planet earth in the beginning.
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