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Acids and Bases in Green Chemistry An important area in which acids and bases are present is in green chemistry. Green chemistry is the use of chemical products to prevent, reduce or to eliminate hazardous substances. Green chemistry ,through the use of acids and bases, can turn innovative scientific solutions to real-world environmental problems, reduces the negative impacts of chemical products on human health and the environment, help design chemical products and processes to reduce their intrinsic hazards, and many other positive benefits to society. Green chemistry started moving the world through the uses of acids and bases to a more environmentally clean world. This is shown through the creation and renewable biofuels and soap. Originally, soap has been made from leftover fat from cooking such as meats and also from cooking oils such as vegetable oils. Soap was basically the leftover fat from the meal. The leftover fats and oils form a substance called a triglyceride. Triglyceride is a substances that is composed mainly of three long chains of carbon atoms. Each carbon atom ...

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