Schools should have a later start time

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The national sleep foundation took a poll in 2006 showing the over one half of adolescents are getting less than 8 hours asleep (“Small”). Teens are supposed to get eight and half hours to nine hours of sleep. Schools’ starting at eight o’clock is absurd. Having teens get up at six or seven o’clock is very unhealthy for the brain. As a high school student it would help me if Broken Arrow Schools started later in the morning so I had time to completely wake up and eat breakfast to get my body going. Research shows that teens naturally go to sleep later and sleep later in the mornings (“Sleep”). Delaying the time school starts by thirty minutes to an hour could show an improvement on health in teens, their grades and morning traffic.
The teen’s health is a very significant issue. Pushing back times just by thirty minutes can improve their moods, energy levels, and overall health. “When children reach puberty their body clocks change and they need to stay up at night and sleep in later. When they were given the chance to do so for the study, the number of teenagers who said they fel...
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