Schools Are Unfair to Boys

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Many people have different ideas on what factors that really form how boys and girls are. Some people believe that boys’ and girls’ genders are defined by social construction. Social construction of gender means boys and girls are indifferent: boys will like dolls and girls will like trucks if they are instilled that way. On the other hand, some people believe that boys and girls are naturally different since they were born: they prefer to different things like boys like truck and girls like dolls. However, the idea about social construction is untrue. According to Chistina Hoff Sommers, author of “From The War Against Boys”, “But researchers have confirmed what parents experience all the time: even without conditioning (indeed, even with counter-condition), boys and girls show different preferences and gravitate toward different toys” (par 8). In other words, girls and boys like different toys even though they are not told or taught to like a specific toy. Boys and girls are different. Boys are naturally a few years slower than girls in education; moreover, they are always active: they like to move around. Therefore boys often have difficulty in schools because many schools think that boys’ and girls’ behavior can be formed by social rules. Schools use the same educational standard and regulation to control boys and girls. The social constructing idea that is used by school is hurting boys’ academic lives.
When boys act naturally in the boyish way, schools think that they are too hyper so Ritalin is prescribed to boys in order to control their behavior. In “The New Gender Gap”, Michelle Conlin, a writer for Business Week, points out that a lot of boys “are diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder or its companion attention-defi...

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...atient with boys and gradually teach them.
In conclusion, boys and girls are biologically different. Boys take longer to develop educational skills than girls and they are more hyper than girls. Schools ignore the gender differences by forcing boys to study in the same level as girls and they have the same regulation level to control boys and girls. As a result, boys are suffering by the school rules because they are forced to take drug, they don’t experience enough male teachers and they are compelled to study writing and reading in the same class with girls who are well ahead of them when they are not ready. Unfair to boys might make them feel bad about school. They might eventually stop going to schools. Social constructing idea should be banned from schools. Moreover, schools should stop blaming boys and try to find another way to organize the school systems.
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