School, Work, Friends Stress in Teens

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SCHOOL, WORK, FRIENDS…….. WHAT TO DO! Stress is the most common thing in a teen’s life. The most common stressors are School, Work, Family Environment, and even Friendships/relationships. Those are the top categories that teens stress about. Most of the stress is natural and normal, but too much stress can cause serious problems. It is said that female teens have a higher rate than boys to stress out ( Teens should learn how to manage stress in a productive and calming way.Excessive stress can build up making it hard to focus on things that are important. Too much stress can make it harder to fight illnesses like the cold. It also makes it hard time fighting against cancer. How a person reacts to stress determines if it is good or bad (Chisholm, Patricia pg. 32-36). School could be the most stressful thing for teens. It is said in a survey that among thirteen to seventeen year olds that school is the most mentioned for stress ( Teens in school deal with so much stress. There is the fact that teens want to fit in with a certain group. There is also bullying. Bullying is a big thing that teens stress about. Teens will become scared to come to school, and would stress about what others are saying about them. That is a thing that teens feel depressed or sad about. Teens also stress about their appearance. What they wear determines what social group they will be in (most of the time).Teens will judge other teens on how they dress. That is just a given. Some teens put others down to make themselves feel better. That is another form of bullying. This happens every day to a lot of students. Thesecond most thing that teens stress about is th... ... middle of paper ... ... deal with their stress on top of whatever they were stressing about. Then when teens work they have to deal with other people and their incompetence. They have to balance school and a job. That can be hard for teen that is not used to doing this much activity. When teens go home that stress doesn’t go away. They have to deal with their parents and their expectations. That can be very overwhelming to teens. They just feel like they will explode. Works Cited Kendrick, Carleton: New York, 2011.Article Thomason Deborah, New York, 2009.Web page Chisholm, Patricia. Pg.32-36: Maclean Hunter Publishing, January 8, 1996.Article T.H.Holmes: Magazine, Stress statistics. 2009. Magazine

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