School Violence Case Study

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In 2013, a study was conducted to see the amount of school violence currently ongoing in schools across the country. Per this study, the results show that school violence is an ongoing issue, and shows a lot of cause for concern. 8.1% of students across the country reporting being involved in a physical fight at school. 7.1% reported that they missed multiple days within a 30 day span due to fear of being attacked at school. (CDC, 2015) 5.2% of students admitted to carrying a weapon on school grounds or on the way to and from school (weapons including knives, clubs, or even firearms). 6.9% report being threatened with bodily injury while on school property multiple times within a 12 month span. 19.6 % report being victims to bullying, and 14.8% stated that they were victims to electronic means of bullying, such as Facebook or instant messenger. (CDC, 2015) To add to these statistics, 11 homicides of school age children ranging from age five to eighteen occurred during the 2010-2011 school year. Of all youth homicides, only 1% has occurred on school grounds, and this number has remained relatively stable throughout the past few years. (CDC, 2015) The Bath School Disaster of 1927 (45 victims), Virginia Tech in 2007…show more content…
As Harris’s depression continued to spiral, the young man started to have thoughts of causing harm to others, and would even post on an online blog about wishing he could kill for the fun of it. Harris always had an interest in tragic events, and would even watch old reports from events such as the Oklahoma City Bombing and University of Texas Massacre. With his depression beginning to spiral out of control, the young man started to think more of the damage he could cause to the students that made him feel out casted, and he decided that he wanted to try to copy the Oklahoma City Bombing by taking out his school. (C. Shepard,
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