School Violence: Bullies and Victims

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Many parents believe that sending their children to school is almost certainly the safest place for them to be, nevertheless it is probably one of the worlds most dangerous places in the United States. School violence has been around for many generations. School violence may be terminated if we take the right actions. Students get affected in several different ways and react differently from their peers.
School violence is a belligerent activity that can happen with school staff as well, as well as with students. Bullying is also a form of school violence, such as name calling and spreading rumors. School violence happens on school property, on the way to and from school, sponsored events, or on the way to and from school sponsored events. If everyone were educated on school violence there is a possibility it could be stopped or eased.
Both Bullies and victims tend to have immodest behavior. The victim tends to hide emotions, lose trust in people, and have depression. The symptoms may even continue after the bullying has stopped. The bullies have tendencies to engage in criminal and unjust behavior. Most students who commit awful crimes, for example school shootings, are considered mentally ill, and do go to prison. School violence brings harmful health behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety fear, and even suicide. Generally people see violence as an unacceptable type of behavior yet bullying seems to be shrugged off if not detected on all the occasions. Many children who are afraid of being bullied tend to skip school.
In 2009 about twenty percent of students from ages twelve to eighteen said that gangs were present in their school. According to a 2011 report by the Center for Disease Control, statistics show...

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... least alleviated.
School violence is wrong and needs to stop. The main reason school violence starts is because of bullying. If everyone does their part by controlling their own actions and control what they do then maybe that could end school violence.

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